Lockdown 2

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Unsurprisingly, due to the COVID cases continuing to rise and the news of further restrictions being announced on Saturday November 1st. The new set of national restrictions that come into effect on Thursday 5th November, which will now add even more pressure to both the economy, businesses as well as on a personal level.

It seems that the guidelines for the housing industry are somewhat similar to those imposed in March, they are changing almost hourly – so Express Inventories will continue to provide updates and guidance as soon as it becomes available.

So what is the current situation?

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick stated on Twitter that: “The housing market will remain open throughout this period, but everyone should continue to play their part in reducing the spread of the virus by following the current guidance.” 

For more information and a breakdown of the businesses that are to close during the 4 week lockdown visit Gov.uk – New National Restrictions from 5th November 

In summary, the Government is advising that everyone who can work from home must do so. However, working from home is just not possible for Inventory and EPC clerks as most of all our work involves being in and around properties.

To ensure we are working safely whilst still ensuring we are providing quality and detailed reports, COVID-secure guidelines must be followed closely with extra considerations given to those people at higher risk.

Preventative measures we are taking include:

  • hand washing regularly for 20 seconds (use sanitiser if out in the field) 
  • cleaning any surfaces we have touched 
  • spending as little time in the property that is practically possible
  • reduce the number of people each person we have contact with by planning ahead for reports including picking up of keys 
  • checking whether anyone at the property (if occupied) is isolating and or have been advised to shield
  • encouraging agents/landlords to adopt a 72 hour ‘barrier’ between checkout and carrying out the physical report 
  • communicating with all key stakeholders to minimise risks
  • maintain social distances of 2m or 1m where you need to be in the same room as a colleague or other contractor 
  • Remember: wash your hands – cover your face – make space 

And remember :

  • Lockdown is only set for 4 weeks
  • Renters are still allowed to move
  • Clerks can still enter homes (following COVID-Secure guidelines)

The information contained in this blog is subject to change as we understand more and should be viewed as a guide only. For more information, see gov.uk.