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Our response to Covid 19

As per guidance from ARLA Propertymark our Inventory and EPC Clerks will be kept up to date and respond to the latest advice from both the Government, Public Health England and the Chief Medical Officer, but wherever possible continue to offer reporting services and provide the support and advice that your clients need. 

We adhere to the following checklist to help us consider relevant questions and support our business so that we can carry out the day-to-day role as an Inventory and EPC professional.


We ensure that office staff and clerks understand their individual responsibilities and are not afraid to alert us to any developments in their personal circumstances.

In the office we display posters reminding staff to wash hands in accordance with NHS Guidelines and use alcohol wipes to clean desks, keyboards, equipment and other surfaces regularly. 

We also email guidance to remote staff and request a received receipt and or acknowledgement.

In the office we keep alcohol gel on desks, provide surface wipes and or cleaning agents and promote regular hand washing. We prohibit staff from sharing phones and clean them with alcohol wipes regularly. 

We wipe down office door handles, handrails and communal areas regularly and ensure that visiting clerks are reminded of the need to use sanitiser when entering and leaving the office area.

Remote working self employed clerks are encouraged to use hand sanitiser, wear gloves and over shoes whilst at properties, cleaning hands with soap and water as soon as practicably possible. 

When clerks and staff have an overseas holiday booked, we ensure they are following the latest travel advice from the Foreign Office:


We make reasonable checks when booking check in, check out reports or interim visits. 

We ask tenants if they have returned from an impacted area, have a high temperature or a recent dry cough or have had any contact with anyone with symptoms.

We keep clear records of all conversations.

We provide face coverings/disposable gloves / overshoes and sanitiser to employed clerks.

If clerks are self employed we advise they should be wearing face coverings, gloves, overshoes whilst at the property using hand sanitiser and or washing hands with soap and water as soon as is practicable.

We consider how keys will be exchanged and how virus transference can be minimised such as santising keys and placing in envelopes when being issued to clerks and or returned to the client.

When possible we conduct reports without the presence of the tenant, agent or owner to minimise risks ensuring they are made aware of the reasons and that their right to comment and reply to any issues highlighted within the report is maintained and supported. 

We consider postponing interim property visits where possible and consider whether it is absolutely necessary to deploy the clerk given the advice of the Government; this is checked every day and clerks updated accordingly. 


We have a backup plan in preparation for Government advice that may restrict travel to and from the office / key location and or property.

We have ensured that staff have access to required software, contact points and email including a dedicated number should the clerk become unwell / unable to work due to isolation and or family commitments due to self isolation.

We check that all parties understand the possible and likely impact of disruption, how you as the inventory owner / provider will be affected and your contingency plans to minimise any impact both in the short and medium term. 

We hold emergency / contact details for all clerks and third party suppliers so that we can update them as to any emerging developments and can react if they become unwell and or unavailable. 

We advise clerks to routinely check emails and messages before leaving home in case report information including timings and key locations change at the last minute.

Health Advice 

For urgent health concern ring 111 or visit 

Latest Government Advice

Health Protection Scotland

Public Health Wales

Public Health Agency Northern Ireland

This checklist has been reconfigured to reflect the needs of Inventory Professionals; original checklist as designed and provided by ARLA Propertymark for letting and estate agents.

DISCLAIMER: The is only intended to provide suggestions to practising inventory professionals of areas and issues that should be considered. This list is not exhaustive; we accept no liability for any action taken as a result or consequences resulting from those actions.